Thursday, 29 April 2010

Robert Pattinson Out In Vancouver!

Robert Pattinson was photographed out for lunch with that gorgeous smile of his in Vancouver on Thursday, April 29th.  Rob is currently filming reshoots for Eclipse in Vancouver with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.   
Happy Rob in Vancouver!!  Love his smile!!   *swoon*  Has he been painting?  What is that on his jacket?  LOL!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Happily Ever After Wallpaper - Eclipse

Mis Wallpapers de Eclipse - twilight-series wallpaper  

Edward Cullen - Very Handsome Vampire

Edward - twilight-series wallpaper 

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Eclipse - Between Edward and Jacob Wallpaper

Eclipse - twilight-series wallpaper  

Breaking Dawn Wallpaper - Two sides of Bella

Breaking Dawn - Two sides of Bella - twilight-series wallpaper  

Robert Pattinson - Bel Ami Wallpaper

Bel Ami - twilight-series wallpaper  

Bella and Edward - Eclipse Wallpaper

Eclipse - twilight-series wallpaper 

Fan Video of ‘Bel Ami’ Wedding Scene

Check out this fan recorded video of the upcoming film Bel Ami with Robert Pattinson.  This video shows the wedding scene in Bel Ami!  As much as I’m loving this, all I have on my mind is the Breaking Dawn wedding scene.  ;)

Interview with Robert Pattinson from Hungary’s Nepszava Online

Robert Pattinson fever continues to run rampant not only in America and England, but all over the world including Hungary.  RPatz took time out from his busy schedule to talk about Bel Ami, Twilight, his music and his 10-year obsession with a certain female.

All my colleagues in Budapest are waiting for you to give an interview, but I know you already and know that you won’t give interviews while you are working. What are your plans for your days off in Budapest?
I’ve never been to Eastern Europe before and I have always wanted to go. You can imagine how curious I am. I’ve heard from my friends that Budapest is a beautiful city. People I know who’ve been to your country, they all love it but sadly I won’t have much free time. And I won’t have much of a chance to be an anonymous tourist.

The musical scene in Hungary is bustling though and you like to make music.
The guys I grew up with all became musicians and they are really good, I usually do something with them.

What kind of instruments do you play?
I’m fighting with the violin now, not with a teacher, only by myself, but not everyone around me is happy about it. And I’m composing. It’s interesting; it all depends on the actual character I’m playing. The guy I play in my new movie, Remember Me is a guy with deep feeling. When I was shooting that movie, I composed lots of new songs. The guy in Bel Ami though is absolutely shallow, who is not touched by anything in the world, especially not by art and since I’m in his skin now, I have a total mental block.

Do you have a band?
We had something, but we fell apart. It’s really different now that it’s not my main act anymore. It’s just a diversion from acting now. That sounds a little cheesy. Of course, if there’s a mic in a bar, you don’t have to ask me twice even today. I did that a few times in Los Angeles, but someone recorded it and put it on the internet and it scared me away. I don’t need that. I will wait until this craziness around me dies down and then I will make music again.

Let’s talk about Bel Ami then. Nicole Kidman was supposed to play your lover originally.
I don’t know what happened. She canceled…I didn’t get into it…Uma Thurman took the role.

And what do you like in Twilight’s Edward?
I loved the second book much more than the first, that’s when I first connected with the character. You can be young or old, when you fall in love with someone at first you start to idolize her, then you put her on a pedestal, then the other is a mirror. But after a while, you see your faults in this mirror and the more you see them, the less you can bear it and in the end you destroy the love, saying you don’t need this. This is real, I can tell you that. It’s strange that a cheesy book for girls like this brought me to fame, but it happened and I won’t protest.

Speaking of love…
I was obsessed with a girl for 10 years, and we never talked a word. But I still have that diary I wrote back then, because if there’s a problem in love, I just grab it and think about the person, if she is worth as much suffering as the old one was? When I finally told her back then what I felt, her jaw dropped and told me I never even had a good word with her.

How old were you?

And nothing happened?
No, because she thought I was an idiot. But I became an actor because of her. She was the reason I signed for an amateur acting class.

You became a sex symbol since then, and it’s not easy to find your soul mate now, even if you believe in them.
I’d like to believe that but I would be in trouble if I found her so soon, because I’m not mature enough so I’d probably screw up. And that other thing, being a sex symbol, no one should envy me, because 14 year old little girls admire me, it’s strange for me too. If I think about the fact that 2 years ago I couldn’t even get a date, and now everyone is obsessed with me…strange.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Between Two Hearts Wallpaper - Eclipse

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Eclipse - The Enemy Wallpaper

Eclipse - twilight-series wallpaper  

Eclipse Wallpaper

eclipse - twilight-series wallpaper  

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Eclipse Trailer 2010