Saturday, 14 November 2009

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s Romantic Relationship: Is “Robsten” Fact or Fiction?


For months now, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been facing tons of tabloid press, mainly because of a romantic relationship the co-stars are allegedly hiding. Dubbed as “Robsten,” the two young actors from the Twilight Saga had a great chemistry on-screen that millions of Twilight fans enjoyed, but has the Edward-Bella duo made the romance a reality?

Like any “rumored” celebrity relationships, there are two groups claiming different things – the believers and non-believers. In this case, those in favor of a KStew and RPattz off-screen romance has been looking at every move the two actors make, even interpreting body language and encoding hidden messages from interview clips. Here are their main reasons believers regard Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as a couple:

* May 2009 – At Sam Bradley’s concert, the two attended and seemed very cozy. Although there were no pictures of kissing on the event, believers seem to think RPattz and KStew ‘acted’ like a couple.
* Stewart’s boyfriend – Michael Angarano, Kristen’s boyfriend in the last 3 years, has been seen visiting Kristen on the set of ‘Twilight.’ But after the April 25 visit where Kristen and Michael were seen horsing around on the streets of Vancouver during Stewart’s break on the ‘New Moon’ filming, the couple has not been seen in public since.
* Summit Entertainment connection – Back in 2005, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt worked on the film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and the two were seen with Jolie and her son Maddox at a beach in Kenya in April 2005, a month before Brad’s then-wife Jennifer Aniston filed for divorce. It was believed that Summit Entertainment kept the affair during filming secret. In the case of Robert Pattinson andKristen Stewart, the believers are claiming that Summit is doing their “magic” again to keep Kristen and Robert’s relationship hush-hush.
* MTV Movie Awards and the morning after – At the 2009 MTV Movie Awards in June, Kristen and Rob accepted the ‘Best Kiss’ award and teased the crowd with an “almost” kiss. The morning after, the two were photographed leaving the Charlie Chaplin House together after spending the night at the same place.
* Comic-Con 2009 – Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were friendly and were goofing around at the Comic Con in San Diego, but the suspicions of a relationship increased when Summit supposedly banned any reporter from asking the Twilight lead actors personal questions. Since “New Moon” revolves around Taylor Lautner and his character’s love for Bella, Summit allegedly wants to have a fan base for Bella & Jacob Black, which resulted in RPattz & KStew acting all awkward.

Of course, not everyone believes Kristen and Rob is a couple. Here’s why:

* Kristen’s 2008 Vanity Fair Interview – When Kristen was doing promotions for ‘Twilight,’ she said in a Vanity Fair interview that she is dating fellow actor Michael Angarano and has been seeing him for three years. Kristen has yet to confirm or deny a breakup with Angarano.
* Sources – In reports surrounding the Robsten rumor, most “insider sources” do not reveal their names.
* Pictures – There were reports that Rob and Kristen was holding hands in a grocery, spending an “intimate” dinner at Cecconi’s after the MTV awards, spent a night together at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego after the Comic-Con 2009 and many others, but no pictures have been published to confirm these reports.
* Summit Connection – For non-believers, the Robsten rumor is just a publicity stunt. The lead actors of the Twilight saga cannot confirm or deny the relationship, so that the curiosity remains alive.

If you’re a fan of both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, which fan-group do you belong?