Thursday, 1 July 2010

Jackson Rathbone Is Eclipse’s Most Improved Vampire Actor! has a new article crowing Eclipse Vampire Jackson Rathbone (aka Jasper Hale) as the Twilight Saga – Eclipse most improved Vampire actor -
"After noting in just about every Twilight Saga: Eclipse item I wrote leading up to film’s release that I was pleasantly surprised to not be laughing at Jasper Cullen, I feel the need to publicly crown actor Jackson Rathbone Most Improved Vampire Actor. To be fair to him, he didn’t have much to work with in the first two films, and, perhaps, we were even supposed to chuckle at the hungry look he gave Kristen Stewart in the first movie. (Did we ever decide?) Regardless, he’s great in Eclipse, particularly in the flashback sequence, when we get to enjoy the Southern drawl in his voiceover and watch him make that decision to follow orders. (I kept it vague for spoiler-phobes, but you can talk freely in the comments section.) Does he get your vote? (Nikki Reed could end up being the film’s scene-stealer with Rosalie’s beautifully-acted heart-to-heart with Bella"
I do agree with Entertainment Weekly, on both parts. Rosalie’s back story was perfectly played out. I found myself miserable and utterly sad for Rosalie. Nikki Reed really did do a great job with that scene. And the red-eyed, crazy, Rosalie who seeks revenge = perfect.
Jackson Rathbone was stellar as Jasper. His back story was amazing. The fight training was well done, and was exactly how I imagined Jasper to be. He even threw in some humour here and there, and he truly did bring life to Jasper.
An honourable mention — Kellan Lutz as Emmet Cullen. I personally found that Kellan really channelled Emmett in this movie. I know that Kellan’s role may not contribute as much to the story line as some of the other Cullens, but he really did improve greatly as Emmett. I truly am looking forward to all the banter between Bella and Emmett in Breaking Dawn! Can we say arm wrestle?! I think we can!!