Saturday, 18 December 2010

ADVPoints CPM Rate Payment Proof $16

This is my payment proof from ADVPoints

(Click to enlarge)

ADVPoints is similiar program like paid to promote (read my previous post). Advpoints will give you a code which you have to put in your Blog or website. The code is a script not iframe...DONE!!!
now you dont have to do anything!!Why? this is because it will pay you not for the clicks on the ads, but on the basis of the traffic you receive!

* ADVPoints Features
- Accept International Members
- Earn Up To $2.00 Per 1000 Valid Impression
- MIN $1 Payouts Will Be Made on the Weekend every Three Weeks !
- Payouts through Paypal or Webmoney or LibertyReserve !
- We empty Traffic Data every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

* ADVPoints Count
- Any Type of Traffic from United States, Canada, West Europe
- Load Our Advertising Fully
- Count Per IP Every 24 Hours
- Javascript&Cookie-enabled Browsers

* ADVPoints CPM rates
- Invisible/Banner Advertising
- Tier1 CPM = $2.00
- Tier2 CPM = $0.30

* Minimum Payout
- Paypal: $1 (No fee, Mass Pay)
- LibertyReserve: $10 (2% fee)
- Webmoney: $10 (2% fee)

Wanna join this program? Just click here

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