Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mauibux Recommended PTC Site with Payment Proof

I'm so happy!! i just join Mauibux for 1 day and now i received my 1st payment

My payment proof :

This PTC from Hawaii .. The  PTC is shown to provide benefits and has proven to pay

The advantages are:
1. Value Click advertising $ 0.01
2. Low Pay Out, $ 0.05 can already payout.

There are 2 Member
1. Member Free. 5 Ads Per Day. With a value of $ 0.01 Per Click
2. Pro Member. Unlimited Ads, but usually there are 30 ads that are available, with a value of $ 0.02 Per Click

PTC is indeed a slight advantage if only a standard member, this is because we are only allowed to click 5 ads per day
So our revenue estimate a month is:
5 Ads x 30 days x $ 0.01 = $ 1.5

Well .. This is one of the PTC which I focus.
I've upgraded membership to Pro Member
Upgrades are also very cheap $ 1.95, but now it rose to $ 2.95
But despite rising still profit.
Because of a day that appeared at least 30 ads and value per click is $ 0.02
This calculation:
30 Ads x 30 days x $ 0.02 = $ 18

Wow .. Joy of self can click to $ 18 Per month

Oh yes, almost forgot, when we upgraded Pro member, then our money will be returned $ 1.95 as the Purchase balance, so we just wrote only pay $ 1 for the cost of upgrades.

Do not forget also, our time Free register member can click on 5 ads, then we can simply ask for payment to PayPal .. rather make fun aja